Mailing ilst for review (was [Uri-review] Re: FW: Last Call: 'Domain Name System UniformResource ...)

> So my main question is what ideas and actual efforts you
> are thinking about or proposing to fix the above situation.

I think RFC 2434 has an interesting discussion of the
role (and limitations) of "mailing list review", and the
reasons why it emphasizes "designated expert" and suggests:

   The designated expert can initiate and coordinate as
   wide a review of an assignment request as may be necessary
   to evaluate it properly. 

draft-hansen-2717bis-2718bis-uri-guidelines-03.txt calls for
"expert review" and suggests "" for optional mailing
list review.

It's easy to change this to "" in the document,
but we're not relying on the mailing list review as the primary
filter (for the reasons laid out in RFC2434).


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