New SMB URI draft submitted

I submitted the latest SMB URI draft today.  I realize that it's a 
weekend, and I don't expect to hear anything back for a few days at least.

There are a few problems with the draft I submitted:

- I've done a bit of writing in the past few years and, well, I don't 
  think I've done a very good job with this draft.  It needs an overhaul,
  and the overhaul will neeed a good read-through by more URI-savvy folk.

- There was a lengthy discussion on the jCIFS mailing list regarding 
  trailing slashes following directory names.  The upshot is a clearer 
  understanding, on my part, of the need to explain how to handle this 
  problem.  I don't yet have anything in the draft that clearly explains 
  the problem or the solution (but the deadline is tomorrow so I needed to 
  send in an update).

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