Re: I-D ACTION:draft-hoffman-ftp-uri-04.txt wrote:

>         Title           : The ftp URI Scheme
>         Author(s)       : P. Hoffman
>         Filename        : draft-hoffman-ftp-uri-04.txt
>         Pages           : 6
>         Date            : 2005-1-3

Is that the same as before ?  It still has...

|  email addresses can be harvested

...instead of a complete sentence in "security considerations".
The news+nntp draft also doesn't reflect the recent discussions.

WAIS and prospero should be ready, they say that nobody uses it
today.  Gopher and telnet are apparently also ready.  The...

| Historical note: The Gopher protocol was widely implemented
| in the early 1990s, but few Gopher servers are in use today. true, but the URL scheme is still very useful for other
protocols.  Bye, Frank

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