Re: Are we done with draft-hoffman-ftp-uri-02.txt?

Alun Jones wrote:

> It now seems, from your results and mine combined, that the
> behaviour of FTP implementations isn't as simple as choosing
> one or other behaviour - that some implementations flip
> between one behaviour and another, based on some internal
> logic

Makes sense.  But we can't have a dot in ftp URLs with 2396bis:
<ftp://example/./stuff> is the same as <ftp://example/stuff>.

Or do you consider <ftp://example/%2e/stuff> to avoid a CD / ?

Both work as expected with Mozilla 3 (Netscape 3.0):  %2e gets
ftptest.txt in the start directory, %2f goes to the root first.
goes to the root (oops, okay ;-).
goes to the root (okay).

For harder tests we need a structure /one/two/one with 2 files
/one/test and /one/two/one/test, and ftpd start CWD /one/two.

But is this relevant for Paul's draft ?  He said that it's
messy, and that's obviously correct.  And recommending URLs
<ftp://example/%2e/relative/path> resp.
<ftp://example/%2f/absolute/path> is dubious, or isn't it ?

                            Bye, Frank

Received on Monday, 1 November 2004 18:58:24 UTC