Re: Are IDNs allowed in http IRIs?

At 21:46 04/03/21 -0500, John Cowan wrote:

>This isn't really apt, because the charset parameter in MIME types tells
>how to translate an entity body (which is made of bytes) into a character
>stream.  URIs/IRIs are already a character stream, so the question doesn't

Sorry, but that's wrong. URIs are indeed sequences of characters, but
they stand for sequences of octets. While in many cases, this distinction
isn't easy to see, the data: scheme provides a good example. If you
for example write: data:image/gif,....
and assume you don't use base64, then you may have the character
'3' in tha data, but that's not a '3' in the image, that's just
the octet 0x33 in the data for the image.

Regards,    Martin.

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