Re: fragment prose proposal

At 14:18 11/03/04 +0200, Patrick Stickler wrote:
>I also don't see how it contradicts my statement that fragids
>force one into the domain of document retrieval since no matter
>how you model it, you cannot get from a URIref with fragid to
>a representation of the secondary resource without *first*
>obtaining a representation of the primary resource.

Er, you may not be able to *get ... to* a representation (of the secondary 
resource), but you can still refer to, or make statements about, that which 
would be represented by such.  This is just what RDF does.  Retrieval is 
not mandatory.

In the context of the URI spec, I think that to insist on retrieval is to 
invite confusion, and maybe worse.


Graham Klyne
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