Re: FW: fragment prose proposal

One would expect a broswer to understand a generic URI string /in context/. 
E.g. a browser could see something like

  <a href="this-is:a-uri-string"/>

and recognize (al teast) that this was a valid URI, albeit it may have no 
clue how to dereference it. But it could at least take some kind of action 
(popup window, or changing the presentation semantics of the link) rather 
than imply that this is in any way defective (unregistered, 
undereferenceable, etc).

And of course it should also recognize that

  <a href="this-is*not:a-uri-string"/>


>From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <>
>Subject: Re: FW: fragment prose proposal
>Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 14:54:15 +0100
>* Tony Hammond wrote:
> >>The open source applications don't seem to have any
> >>of the problems you describe.
> >
> >Not sure wat you mean by 'open source applications' here. I've never seen 
> >browser yet that understood what a generic URI is, be it mozilla, 
> >etc.
>How would a browser "understand" a "generic URI"?

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