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Re: uri, urn and info

From: Michael Mealling <michael@neonym.net>
Date: 07 Oct 2003 18:06:35 -0400
To: Eric Hellman <eric@openly.com>
Cc: uri@w3.org
Message-Id: <1065564395.6122.190.camel@blackdell.neonym.net>

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 17:45, Eric Hellman wrote:
> looking further, I see that there was an "eastlake" draft that IETF 
> seems to have deep-sixed. I learned, tantalizingly, that Graham 
> Klyne, Ted Hardie and Michael Mealling did some work to perhaps 
> create uris for iana registered stuff, their draft is also expired by 
> ietf, so I cannot tell  what they found.

That draft ended up becoming RFC 3553 (BCP 73) which recommends someting
like this structure:


The only thing that needs to be done is a short document published
asking the IANA to assign these and the exact form it would take. At
some point Graham and I were working on it but real life got in the

Given the simplicity of the document I suspect it could be done within a
month or so....

Is the form urn:ietf:params:media-types:<type>:<subtype> sufficient?

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