summary of URI BOF meeting

(minutes forthcoming)

Roy Fielding reviewed the issue list for RFC2396bis.
Progress was made on remaining issues; it looks likely
that there can be a 'last call' before the next IETF meeting.
We discussed the IRI draft, and decided to set up a
separate mailing list and publish an issues list. There
are still some deeper issues (IDN and IRIs, whether IRIs
need scheme-dependent logic).
For reviewing proposed new URI schemes, the list was (re)announced. Roy
will initiate the (minor) update of the URI process document
(also changing the title from 'URL' to 'URI').
Some cleanup work (e.g., 'file:' scheme definition)
was scheduled. Work seems to be progressing well
informally on public mailing lists, and it didn't
seem necessary to charter formal IETF working groups
at this time.


Received on Friday, 21 March 2003 11:09:58 UTC