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Re: Proposal: new top level domain '.urn' alleviates all need for urn: URIs

From: <hardie@qualcomm.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 11:54:38 -0700
Message-Id: <p06001802bb321367ce45@[]>
To: Sandro Hawke <sandro@w3.org>, Michael Mealling <michael@neonym.net>
Cc: Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com, uri@w3.org

At 2:35 PM -0400 7/9/03, Sandro Hawke wrote:
>  > > I'm using the word "same" in the normal dictionary sense of being
>>  > truly and completely indistinguishable.  If I tell you <Jim>
>>  > owl:sameAs <James>, then you know I'm using the terms "<Jim>" and
>>  > "<James>" as synonyms, as two names for the same thing.
>>  Absolutely correct! _You_ have told me that "Jim" and "James" are
>>  synonymous. But RFC 2396 provides no method for making such statements.
>I can put aside the OWL terminology entirely.
>You seem to be saying that
>     http://www.w3.org/
>     http://WWW.w3.org/
>could not possibly ever both identify the same resource.  You seem to
>be saying that if two URIs are textually different, they cannot
>possibly identify the same thing.

I don't think that's quite what he said.  He said that the knowledge that two
identifiers were equivalent was outside the generic URI syntax, and based
in the semantics of the scheme or the application using the scheme.

				Ted Hardie
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