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RE: Proposal: new top level domain '.urn' alleviates all need for urn: URIs

From: <Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 10:49:05 +0300
Message-ID: <A03E60B17132A84F9B4BB5EEDE57957B02630167@trebe006.europe.nokia.com>
To: <Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com>, <hardie@qualcomm.com>, <uri@w3.org>

> As for https: URIs, well https: is an oddball URI scheme that
> has inherent in it (IMO) an equivalence assertion. 

I've often wondered why there has been no move to replace https:
with a request header. If ever there was a hack ...


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