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Anatomy of a URI - The Inner Web

From: Hammond, Tony (ELSLON) <T.Hammond@elsevier.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 15:31:28 +0100
Message-ID: <54A600C436EA694581B93E4BD4D4788A06B73B63@elslonexc004.wins.epress.co.uk>
To: uri@w3.org

I thought I might share this with the list:


An SVG visualization of an RDF graph (based on a YADS profile) of the latest
2396bis(#3) grammar productions. The full set of productions is represented
apart from expansions of 'absolute-URI', 'IPv6address' (includes also 'h4',
'ls32'), and 'dec-octet' as the GraphViz dot application simply expired on
me. (The 'reserved' and 'uric' productions are not included as these are not
part of the actual BNF tree. I remain a bit perplexed as to the proper
relation between 'URI-reference' and 'absolute-URI' and why these
productions are not related.)

A tad slow to load in the SVG at 263K. You might also have to scroll around
some to find populated regions - but generally top-left to bottom-right axis
is best represented. (Hmm, whoever said a picture was worth a thousand

All URI components are modelled as 'data' URIs. And the graph resources are
(well, of course) clickable. Do let me know of any errors. Note that no
quantifiers from the BNF are included.


Tony Hammond

Advanced Technology Group, Elsevier Ltd
32 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7BY, UK

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