Re: draft-wilde-text-fragment-01 (was: Including 'fragment identifier semantics' ...)

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my .02 -

> so, apart from the minor fixes, does anybody have an opinion about the
> prantheses vs. equals syntax issue?

Equals syntax is more URI-ish; it's easier to write a parser for
correctly, and it's more likely that current code can be reused.

> i also thought about adding a
> checksum facility (md5 or something along these lines), so that fragment
> identifiers could recognize a particular version of a resource. any
> opinions about this feature (it would be optional, so that applications
> would be allowed to ignore the checksum)?

The fragment identifier doesn't seem like a good place to put this
functionality, IMHO. If people want to version their docs, they should
have different URIs for them.

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