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HTML reference in RFC 2396bis

From: Dan Kohn <dan@dankohn.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 10:30:42 -0800
Message-ID: <A23DE7A325D23B49A76B54080E0BCB9E29253B@kabul.skymv.com>
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RFC 2396bis
t> contains an obsolete reference to RFC 1866, which was obsoleted by
RFC 2854.  This reference should be replaced with one to

Also, I question whether a normative reference to RFC 952, status
unknown <http://www.normos.org/en/summaries/ietf/rfc/rfc952.html>, is
appropriate for dotted-decimal notation, versus a normative reference to
RFC 791, or to section 2.1 of RFC 1123, which is already referenced.

Finally, I would suggest adding a paragraph to the Security
Considerations about how "malicious URLs" can be crafted combining
misleading usernames/passwords with decimal IP addresses, such as
<http://www.microsoft.com@3492563303/> as described
<http://www.counterpane.com/crypto-gram-0102.html#7> and
<http://rr.sans.org/threats/semantic.php>.  This is, of course, an
attack on users and not on the URI specification, but it is possible
because regular users don't understand the URI spec (and never will).

          - dan
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