Re: Strong Evidence for the Name vs. Location Distinction

> But what if you need the name of both a non-location resource and it's
> location in the same context?
> If the same name can denote a location resource in one context and a
> non-location resource in some other context, fine. But the SW is
> one single context and we need a formal distinction between the two.

Let me provide an example for what I mean by "context".  If I asked a
cache if it had a copy of a representation of a resource I wanted;

telnet 8080
Accept: text/html

then I'm not making use of the locating features of the identifier, I'm
just using it as an opaque string of characters.  On the other hand, if
the cache did not have a valid representation for me, then *it* would
have to use the locating features of the identifier in order to resolve
it with the origin server (unless it is configured to use another cache

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Received on Saturday, 9 March 2002 19:12:32 UTC