RE: Excess URI schemes considered harmful

At 11:34 AM 2001-09-25 , Rob Lanphier wrote:
>Please describe the *exact* encoding for the media type "text/plain" under 
>this scheme.

[Contingent on IANA endorsement what Mark Baker gave us] to refer to _exactly_
what IANA had to say _today_ about the text/plain media type, I believe a
reference could be spelled 


For a reference which recovers what IANA had to say about that type
as of when you use the reference, you could of course use simply


... and this might return no recovered value for the resource some day.


>At 10:48 AM 9/25/01 -0400, Al Gilman wrote:
>>For alternate proposal [to the Eastlake proposal [1]], see Masinter's 
>>'tdb' scheme.
>>The information desired is provided by a namespaced reference to the 
>>[sub-] type name where the namespace binds the usage to a dated version of 
>>the IANA registry contents.
>>The IANA Registry provides the defining instance of the name/definition
>>association for Internet Media Types.  A dated reference is needed to 
>>create a fixed referend, as the registry is editable and may later bind 
>>new definition to a pre-existing name string.
>>The cturi: scheme capability is IMHO entirely handled within the 
>>capabilities of the tdb: scheme as proposed by Masinter.  Not necessarily 
>>to say the latter is perfect, but it is enough better so that the cturi: 
>>proposal should not be revived unless thatDescribedBy dated reference to a 
>>name as used in the IANA registry (of date certain) is somehow found not 
>>to do the job.
>Please describe the *exact* encoding for the media type "text/plain" under 
>this scheme.

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