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> > >All refs to [RFC 2396] include the extension given by [RFC 2732]
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> > (a) I don't see what significance RFC 2732 has regarding this I18N
> > debate.  Or am I missing something?
>Isn't that the one that adds '[' and ']' to the allowed characters.

Yes, to allow IPv6 addresses without escaping, IIRC.

>IRI's, because of the idempotency, can include any URI. Some of these URIs
>are the encoding of an IRI without any % escapes other than %25; some of
>them such as ones with D%FCrst in them are not. Even ones which are the
>UTF-8 encoding of some IRI might not have that as the intended unencoded
>form, only the end server knows how to correctly decode a URI.

Oh yes, I see what you mean.


Graham Klyne

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