URIs, URLs, and URNs: Clarifications and Recommendations 1.0

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URIs, URLs, and URNs: Clarifications and Recommendations 1.0

Report from the joint W3C/IETF URI
Planning Interest Group

W3C Note 21 September 2001

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     URI Planning Interest Group, W3C/IETF
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This paper addresses and attempts to clarify two issues pertaining to
URIs, and presents recommendations. Section 1 addresses how URI
space is partitioned and the relationship between URIs, URLs, and
URNs. Section 2 describes how URI schemes and URN namespace ids
are registered. Section 3 mentions additional unresolved issues not
considered by this paper and section 4 presents recommendations.

Status of this Document

This section describes the status of this document at the time of its
publication. Other documents may supersede this document. The latest
status of this document series is maintained at the W3C in a list of
current W3C technical reports at http://www.w3.org/TR/ .

This is a report from the W3C/IETF URI Planning Interest Group, for
review by W3C members, the IETF community, and other interested
parties. We invite review and discussion of our recommendations for
future work in the IETF and/or W3C. Please address your feedback to
uri@w3.org, a mailing list with public archive.

This document has been produced as part of the W3C URI Activity.

Table of Contents

  1.URI Partitioning 
       1.Classical View 
       2.Contemporary View 
       1.URI Schemes 
           1.Registered URI schemes 
           2.Unregistered URI Schemes 
               1.Public Unregistered Schemes 
               2.Private Schemes 
           3.Registration of URI Schemes 
               1.IETF Tree 
               2.Other Trees 
       2.URN Namespaces 
           1.Registered URN NIDs 
           2.Pending URN NIDs 
           3.Unregistered NIDs 
           4.Registration Procedures for URN NIDs 
  3.Additional URI Issues 


     A Acknowledgements 
     B References 

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