The "esl" URI Scheme

The Internet Draft for this scheme is available from:-

Summary: An "esl" URI is a digitally signed message digest, but using URI
syntax. It allows one to create a "label" (the human readable part of the
identifier), and digitally sign it to delegate the authority for the
identifier. Using this URI scheme, it is easy to prove that a document, or
set of documentation is definitive material pertaining to the URI, because
one can simply sign it with the same signature.

This consitutes a URI scheme that yields easy to create identifiers,
without the need to resort to DNS for the authority component. Note that
the public key for the URIs are not included in the URIs themselves: just
as most digitally signed mesages do not have public key sent along with
them. Possible uses of this URI scheme include RDF trust assertions (I
await CWM to handle cryptography!).


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