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Relative URIs 101

From: Mark Baker <distobj@acm.org>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 18:33:50 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <200111302333.SAA10275@markbaker.ca>
To: fielding@ebuilt.com (Roy T. Fielding)
Cc: uri@w3.org
> Ditto what Martin said -- that is confusing the terminology.  A relative
> URI is a syntax construct (one name relative to another name), not a mapping
> construct (one location relative to another location).  A URI like
>    news:comp.infosystems.www
> identifies the newsgroup even though the representation retrieved by
> accessing that newsgroup will depend on context (configuration of NNTP
> host and the amount of that news feed that has propagated to that host).

Mea culpa, of course.  "about:" has meaning, which I lost site of.

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