The aim: URI scheme

One scheme missing from Dan's list is AOL's aim: scheme. I don't believe
it's really documented, but if you sign up for an AIM remote:

You'll see these links:

 - aim:goim?screenname=jediofpi&message=Hi.+Are+you+there?
   sends an IM to jediofpi with the message "Hi. Are you there?"

 - aim:addbuddy?screenname=jediofpi
   adds screen name jediofpi to your "Buddy List"
   (I've also been using this as a way to refer to AIM screen names)

 - aim:gochat?roomname=jediofpi+Chat
   opens up the chat room "jediofpi Chat"
   (also could be used as a way to refer to AIM chat rooms)

There's also a FAQ on AIM URLs at:
but it doesn't say much. (Basically just encode spaces as + signs.)

I'll probably add this to:

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