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Re: FYI -- draft ietf uri doc

From: Leslie Daigle <leslie@thinkingcat.com>
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 18:13:37 -0400
Message-ID: <39B96491.9AAB1C5A@thinkingcat.com>
To: uri@w3.org

Having sat back and watched for a while... there are at least 3 valid 
threads that I see:

	. is there a general statement that can be made about
	  what a URI refers to (like the 'C' pointer confusion) --
	  is it the box, the contents of the box, the location 
	  where the box is if it in fact exists?

	. are there useful mechanisms for expressing relationships
	  between resources, or between identifiers?  (a really
	  crude attempt at distilling Dan Laliberte's thoughtful 

	. irrespective of whether the resource is the box, its
	  contents, or whatever, what are the services that
	  can make use of the identifier/work on the resource
	  (beyond the traditional, bald, "get").

I think these are all valid and important issues in need of discussion.
But, at least the last 2 are outside the realm of the URI
specification itself (as it stands today, and many of us believe
it's best handled outside the identifier spec), and I don't see
any specific proposals of text that could be added to the URI
doc I circulated last week.



"Reality with a delicate splash of the imaginary... 
    ... or was that the other way around?"
   -- ThinkingCat

Leslie Daigle
Received on Friday, 8 September 2000 18:13:31 UTC

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