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URI discussion paper and recommendations

From: Titia van der Werf <titia@python.konbib.nl>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 12:41:00 +0100 (MET)
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* This message is sent to several Dutch and international 
discussion-lists. Apologies for cross-postings. *

The first version of a discussion paper on URIs (Uniform Resource
Identifiers) is now publicly available on the DONOR website.
Together with this paper a recommendations document on the use of URIs
within the context of the DONOR project has been released.
The recommendations are also offered, more generally, for consideration
by academic website administrators.

Both papers can be accessed from the DONOR site (button: "Reports"
heading "Research Papers"). The respective URLs are:

The papers are written in English in order to communicate to a wider
audience and in the hope of receiving comments from experts in the
international field.

The papers will be updated with particular emphasis on:
- access control issues and citations, for recommendations to project
- archival issues and the long-term resolution of URIs, for
recommendations to project NEDLIB.

Comments, suggestions and discussion are most welcome.


Titia van der Werf
Library research
Koninklijke Bibliotheek
National Library of the Netherlands
The Hague
e-mail: titia@is.konbib.nl
tel   : +31 70-3140467
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