Re: telephone URLs, comments on draft-antti-telephony-url-04

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Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:02:34 +0200

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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:02:34 +0200
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Subject: RE: telephone URLs, comments on draft-antti-telephony-url-04

At 02.17 -0700 98-06-30, Larry Masinter wrote:
>You want to make (a) the definition of "is the namespace hierarchical"
>and then decide whether hierarchical naming applies. I want to make
>hierarchy a design option which can be employed whenever it is deemed
>useful by the namespace designer, even if (a) doesn't hold.
>Does that characterize the difference?

Definitely....hmmm....I have something to think about now. I think I want
to meet you in front of a whiteboard... :-)

By the way, I would like to be explicit so everyone knows, that regarding
E.164 numbering, I know that I personally have ideas on how to do this, so
Keith Moore is the one taking care of that as AD. I.e. what I have said has
nothing to do with my AD hat, but my personal one.

That said, Keith and I have seen the need for a BOF talking about E.164
numbering, lookups etc, where also this URL issue can be discussed, in
Chicago. We will send out some more information later on these issues.