Free Internet Marketing Tips
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 14:05:36 -0500 (EST)

Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 14:05:36 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: Free Internet Marketing Tips

2:03:21 PM2/28/98Hello Business Builders:

The BIG DAY has finally arrived! 

After months of research, we've learned how all companies, large and small, can economically and quickly take advantage of the Internet to significantly boost business, even for those who are NOT Internet savvy.

Make the Internet work for you and your company by taking full advantage of FREE OFFERS for websites, E-mail, website page counters, Internet banner and classified advertising and much more.

1. You need: Short cuts to the Internet and other free tips that took Internet experts months to develop. These short cuts can save you hundreds of hours and are yours for the asking. Simply click here and take the tour.

2. You need: A URL [website location on the Internet] that will not shut you down if and when you decide to use ethical bulk E-mail to significantly boost your business. To get a FREE, no-hassles URL [website on the Internet], click here  and take the tour.

3. You need: The ability to bulk E-mail without the potential of being cancelled by your ISP [Internet Service Provider]. Many ISP's cancel accounts if bulk E-mail is used. To learn more about a program that can bulk E-mail thousands of messages per hour without using or your ISP, click here  and take the tour.

4. You need: A software program that can collect, clean and send up to 10,000 E-mail messages per hour automatically, so you can enjoy all the benefits of ethical bulk E-mailing without suffering any of the problems. For more information, click here and take the tour.

5. You need: Clean, up-to-date, targeted E-mail lists that cost less than one cent per thousand and are ready for you to download. For more information, click here and take the tour.

Simply stated, you need to take advantage of all the FREE OFFERS available on the Internet to turn your personal computer and the "new millenium" way of doing business into a profit center. Visit this website  and take the tour.

By using the tools listed above, you can build or significantly expand any business, while allowing the programs to PAY FOR THEMSELVES. The programs recommended above all  have self-replicating websites; and you're paid bonuses when you refer others to the programs and they use the services.

See for yourself how easy building your business over the Internet can be. The free tips available are extremely valuable to your financial future. Don't delay. ACT NOW --  while E-mail is most effective. Over 80 million E-mail users are waiting to hear from you. You can reach as many Internet users as you want immediately. And, because user numbers are so significant, even a small response percentage can make you financially independent.

A few rules do apply: No illegal programs; chain letters or pornographic material. We expect you to be professional.

Best regards,

Jim Crisp                 E-mail

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