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    "Internet Marketing Warriors Secret Site!"(tm)
            Copyright 1997 by Allen Says  

       " I Never Made A Dime On The Internet "

                I GOT MAD AS HELL !!

"After That, I've Made Money Every Day Since And I'll Show 
     You Exactly How To Get Started Doing What I Did!"

             The Start of the Warriors!!

 One night, after a long period of NO responses to all my 
ads, I completely flipped out! The months of hard work with
out any rewards had reached a boiling point and I decided to 
try "Direct E-Mail"! 

I grabbed a pen and wrote the words...


 I contacted a few select people who wanted to be dealers for 
my site and overnight we started taking in 10, 20, 30 and more 
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 Why am I telling you this?

 Because the market is unlimited AND I can guarantee you if 
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# How To Accept Credit Cards For Your Business..NOW! You DO 
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# Meta Tags - How to get top listings in search engines!

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# Access to one of our members bulk emailing support site...
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     Need to hear from other Warriors?

This is absolutely unbelievable. Within two days I 
have already made in excess of $200.00 and it only 
took about 2 hours to do every thing. The marketing 
reports that you supply are absolutely outstanding!!  
I have to hat goes off to you. I am glad 
that there is someone out there who will give your 
moneys worth and a whole lot more!!
Thanks a Million,
J.R. (Florida)

TWO THUMBS UP! The warriors "Secret Site" is a treasure 
chest of marketing tools for both the beginner and the 
experienced direct on line marketer, you provide the tools, 
all I need to do is TURN THE KEY! You know what ? I turned the 
key and I have been running strong ever since! As one of your 
FIRST dealers, I have made over $4,960 in less than 3 weeks 
marketing the "Secret Site" And, over $8,000 marketing my own 
products using your explosive techniques!  
Thanks A Million! (literally!) 
Jeremy Martinez, Ca   

Hi Allen,
Just a quick thank you note for creating the Warrior 
site. After a full two years of banging my head 
against the monitor screen, trying to make money on 
the internet, I finally have learned the secrets that 
I needed to make it all happen. Sponsoring people into 
my MLM program has never been easier and I don't worry 
anymore about losing my internet connection for sending 
bulk e-mail.  The contacts I have made in the forum 
have turned into pure gold and will continue to further 
educate me in the proper methods of internet marketing.  
Keep up the great work Allen!
Best Regards,
John Corbett
J&D Marketing

"I have been marketing online for a while now and I 
have more than tripled my former income working at my 
job (I have been fulltime in internet marketing for 
about 6 months now) and I only work around 15 to 20 
hours a week. During my time in this business I have 
been in contact with most of the major marketers online 
and I recommend Allen Says as the most honest and helpful 
individual I have dealt with in this business. His 
Marketing package is the best value on theinternet. 
Anyone who is thinking about doing any type of business 
on the web needs to be a member of the Internet Marketing 
Thank You, 
Terry Dean

Thanks for your kindness, and you can quote me on 
this: a veritable treasure-trove of money making 
ideas, the package has saved me hundreds of hours 
of research time. It is well worth joining! 
Haider Aziz 

Allen -
This is the best $25 I ever spent. Thanks for the 
honesty & quality web site.
- Steve T.

Joining the Internet Marketing Warrior family has 
been very rewarding to me. Prior to becoming a member, 
I wasted so much time on the net unsuccessfully 
finding the kind of information & internet marketing 
techniques that are available to me now as a Warrior 
member. In addition to all the money making information 
on the private site, what amazes me the most is the great 
contribution of information & help provided to everyone 
by top gun professional fellow Warrior members on the 
forum. I recommend this site to anyone serious about 
making money on the net.
Best of Success,
Alan Alvarez
South Pointe Financial Corp.

..."Started reading your report last night and..COULDN'T 
PUT IT DOWN! I got so caught up in it I didn't eat supper. 
It's jam-packed with over a dozen tried and true MONEY 
MAKING techniques! I also like the fact that you really 
care about your clients and are willing to talk and answer 
questions..refreshing in the vast world of cyberspace! If 
you Email Allen, he gets back with ya!" 
Sid Menough 
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