RE: Recursive look up of base in outer headers

>>}Why not specify that if both headers exist (which is the only case
>>}precedence matters) then the Base and Location headers will be
>>}according to the [RELURL] rules.  This would be consistent with the
>>}part matching that already has to be done by MHTML readers.

> This sounds even more confusing than either of the other choices. Now
> you're saying I have to take a relative Content-Location and add it to
> Content-Base in order to figure out the base of the document. What if
> Content-Location has ".." in it? I think this path is wrong-headed.

An MHTML reader must be able to do this anyway, when resolving links to
other body parts.  If the referenced body part has both a Base and a
relative Location, they must be combined, taking into account "..", etc.
My suggestion was to be more consistent in always interpreting the Base
and Location as pairs.  Otherwise an inexperienced MHTML writer may want
to use a Base header for one purpose (to modify Location or to serve as
a base for embedded relative URL's) and not mean to have it used for the
other purpose.

Since I'm new to the standards process, I don't know whether this should
be a concern of the spec, and thus this might be a moot argument.
 - Andy Jacobs

Received on Thursday, 4 September 1997 13:16:09 UTC