Re: "Difficult Characters" draft

Larry Masinter (
Thu, 8 May 1997 01:42:23 PDT

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Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 01:42:23 PDT
From: Larry Masinter <>
To: "Martin J. Duerst" <>
CC: "Alain LaBont/e'/" <>, URI mailing list <>
Subject: Re: "Difficult Characters" draft

> > A 11:23 97-05-07 +0200, Martin J. Duerst a écrit :
> > >I think we pretty much agree that we should discourage URLs with
> > >accented uppercase letters.
> >
> > I personally do not, nor any of my colleagues... We would agree with this
> > if upper case were not allowed.
> To be more precise, could you then agree to the suggestion
> that uppercase accented letters should be discouraged in
> URLs intended for a general "France-French" audience, given
> as an example of how case might affect URLs, the reason for
> this being the current widespread use of keyboards that make
> it difficult to enter such characters?
> Regards,        Martin.

This is the slippery slope: when you slide all the way down it,
you wind up discouraging URLs with any non-ASCII letters, for
the reason that "someone is likely to be confused and enter
them wrong".

Drawing the boundary higher and yet having something reliable
is hard; you are brave to try.