International Database Engineering and Applications Symposium
			     AUGUST 25-27, 1997

Bringing together database technology users, providers and researchers
to address the problems of engineering modern database solutions to new
and demanding applications.

The aim of this Symposium is to address the engineering and application
aspects of databases. This is in response to the increasing demands placed
on related theories and technologies resulting from the widening scope of
database solutions within all forms of enterprise.  In particular, we wish
to focus on the engineering of database deployments which exploit theories
and technologies from complementary areas, such as information retrieval,
multi- and hyper-media, human interfaces to databases, HCI and

Accordingly, the Symposium will be structured to address current
issues (see topics listed below), relating to advanced applications,
interfaces to databases, database engineering, and advanced data
management theory and technology.
The Symposium will provide an international forum for technical
discussion of Database Engineering and Application issues faced by the
various communities, including technology providers, users and
researchers, in the areas of database and the complementary technologies
of IR, multi- and hyper-media, HCI, and communications. It will thus
foster closer interaction between these communities by providing an
excellent opportunity for academics and industrialists to meet, discuss
ideas, debate current developments and look forward to the future.  We
therefore invite participants from government, computer and user
industries, and academia to share ideas and experiences.
We invite quality papers describing original ideas and new results on
applied technological and theoretical aspects of Database Engineering and
Applications. In particular we welcome submissions describing work on
integrating new technologies in products and applications, on experiences
with standard and novel techniques, and on the identification of unsolved
issues that pose challenges to and require attention by the research
community.  We consider this conference to be a unique and important forum
to discuss experiences in applying DBMSs to real-life situations among
practitioners, and between practitioners and researchers.
In the evaluation of the papers submitted, the program committee will
consider novelty, technical quality, the value of reported results to
developers and users of information systems, experiences relating to
implementation and application of database engineering, and the depth of
challenges to researchers.  The proceedings will be published.
Papers are invited (electronic submission of PS file)on, but not restricted
to, the following topics:

Database engineering.
New and demanding applications.
User interfaces to databases.
Data management.
Please see the IDEAS Web home page(
for details and up to date information:

HARD Deadline for submission:	February 14, 1997 
Notification to author:		April 21, 1997
Final Paper due:		May 16, 1997

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