comments solicited on draft-ietf-svrloc-scheme-00.txt

Erik Guttman (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 07:02:00 -0800

Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 07:02:00 -0800
From: Erik Guttman <>
Subject: comments solicited on draft-ietf-svrloc-scheme-00.txt
Cc: srvloc@TGV.COM

I am going to be revising the service: URL scheme document in
the next month and wondered if you could send me feedback.

The service: URL scheme provides a formal mechanism to describe
service access points and characteristics (attributes) of arbitrary
network services.  These URLs are used by the Service Location
Protocol to transfer service advertisements, though they could
very easily have other applications.

One thing I will be abandoning in the next draft is the notion
of 'content description' for file services, which makes up a
reasonable part of the NFS service type example.

Thanks for your assistance,
Erik Guttman