Re: URL internationalization!

> As an example,
> let's take a resource name with a G with breve (U+011E). Let's
> assume that on the server, resource names are encoded in iso-8859-3.
> Then the G with breve contains appears as %AB in a well-formed
> URL. Now suppose somebody put that URL into an HTML document
> that is encoded in iso-8859-3, in 8-bit form (i.e. the URL contains
> the octet 0xAB for the G with breve character), and that that
> document is correctly tagged as iso-8859-3.
> Now assume a browser sends a request with
>       Accept-Charset: iso-8859-5
> The server (or a proxy) translates the whole document from
> iso-8859-3 to iso-8859-5 to honor the request of the browser.
> The G with breve gets changed to 0xD0. The client receives
> the 0xD0. If it "behaves the same as if it had received the
> corresponding %XX", i.e. %D0, the URL will not work at all.

I don't understand. What if the user uses 8859-8, which has no G-breve? I
mean, what if it says Accept-Charset: iso-8859-8?


Received on Tuesday, 25 February 1997 13:07:27 UTC