Re: Attributes should only be there if part of the name/address space

Yeah... what he said.

Larry Masinter wrote:
> This all got better for me when I just admitted that the
> definitions were circular, and decided that it was OK.
> What's a resource?
>    Something that has a URI.
> What's a URL?
>    Something that locates a resource.
> What's a URN?
>     Something that names a resource.
> If you can name it, it's a resource. Different resources
> have different names. A single resource might have
> multiple names. You can't "get" a resource, you can
> only interact with it. One way to interact with
> a resource is to obtain an entity that is a representation
> of the resource at a given point in time.
> This isn't smalltalk, it's webtalk. "Web" for me is
> defined not by HTTP and HTML, but by this fundamental
> architectural point, that some entities contain URIs
> that locate/name other entities.
> Larry

I suppose it's enough to say "same URL implies same
resource" and that "different URL implies different
resource" isn't useful or necessary.


Received on Thursday, 20 February 1997 20:17:29 UTC