Re: Use of ";" in relative URLs: procedural issue?

Christopher Walon Apple (
Tue, 4 Feb 97 01:55 EST

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Date: Tue, 4 Feb 97 01:55 EST
From: (Christopher Walon Apple)
To: Larry Masinter <>,
Subject: Re: Use of ";" in relative URLs: procedural issue?

Larry Masinter wrote:
>x.500 doesn't have the equivalent of "relative URLs", does it?

Sort of..... X.500/LDAP servers can be configured to have a server-root 
so that if a DUA does not (or cannot) include a search base, the
server has knowledge from which it can construct a base distinguished
name at which the search should begin in the directory information tree.

I also recall that NDS (don't remember the version/release number, probably
3.X+) allows administrative and other users to use the concept of
relative naming for directory objects when navigating the tree.

So, while the notions of relative naming and object/resource locators may
not be reflected in the X.500 Series of ITU Recommendations explicitly
(my memory may be faulty as to how explicit these notions are), they are
included in at least some of the implementations.

Chris Apple
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