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Re: IANA registration of URL schemes

From: <THERESA_RHOADES@HP-Boise-om8.om.hp.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 97 18:01:48 -0600
Message-Id: <H00009fe0388ca12@MHS>
To: lars@aronsson.se
Cc: ietf-url@imc.org, uri@bunyip.com
     Thanks you very much for your response.  I was also directed to that 
     IETF working group as well by several other people.  I am now in the 
     process of writing up an internet draft on the URL (thank you Martin). 
     I will be looking into the working group and the registration process 
     in the meantime.
     The JetSend protocol can exchange data between any two devices that 
     support the protocol.  This includes printers, PCs, scanners, cameras, 
     etc.  We have addressed sending data to fax machines via a fax gateway 
     device.  There is an addressing mechanism in the protocol for gateways 
     to specify the gateway address and the address of the ultimate 
     destination (fax, e-mail, etc.)  
     More information, including the JetSend protocol specification, is 
     available on our website http://www.jetsend.hp.com.
     You must register (it's a relatively painless process) to download the 
     specification.  We have also just made available our developer's kit 
     (known as the JetSend Appliance Developer's Kit, or ADK).  The ADK 
     contains source code for the protocols as well as sample device code 
     and networking code.  Please refer to the web site for more 
     information on obtaining the developer's kit.  I would be more than 
     happy to answer any other questions on JetSend.
     Theresa Rhoades
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Subject: Re: IANA registration of URL schemes
Author:  Non-HP-lars (lars@aronsson.se) at HP-Boise,mimegw7
Date:    8/26/97 2:09 PM

I saw your message on the URI mailing list about your new URL scheme. 
I just wanted to tell you that you might want to be a member of an 
IETF Working Group (i.e. mailing list) called URLREG, addressing the 
procedures for registering new URL schemes.  You will find more 
information on www.ietf.org, looking under Working Groups.
By the way, does this jetsend protocol send data to a printer?  Can it 
also send data to a fax?  If so, how is the fax number represented in 
the protocol?
Lars Aronsson.
  Aronsson Datateknik                   <URL:tel:+46-70-789-1609> 
  Rydsvagen 282                         <URL:fax:+46-13-172143> 
  SE-584 39 Linkoping, Sweden           <URL:mailto:lars@aronsson.se>
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