Re: http charset labelling

Gavin Nicol (
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 18:19:31 -0500

Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 18:19:31 -0500
From: Gavin Nicol <>
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Subject: Re: http charset labelling

>The convenience of extended character set for URL may outweigh the
>inconvenience of less reliable ability to type them in from printed
>representation.  But, we should be aware of this tradeoff if we
>decide to make it.  This is Masataka's point, which you seem to be

No, I dodn't miss the point, but I disagree that it leads to the
logical conclusion that one *must* use a limited character repertoire
in all cases.

In actual fact, I tend to agree that in general, people should stick
to a limited character repertoire if they want maximum
interoperability, but as I have noted people want to use their native
language, and will do so. We need to minimize the amount of
interoperability issues this will bring about.

I should note that this problem may become more common as people put
databases and whatnot online. It is very common for field names to be
in some native language that does not use roman letters.