fix for url regex

Roy T. Fielding (fielding@liege.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 00:54:33 -0800

Subject: fix for url regex
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 00:54:33 -0800
From: "Roy T. Fielding" <fielding@liege.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Message-Id:  <>

To fix the misinterpretation of double-scheme URIs


should be


since scheme is obviously not allowed to contain a ":" anyway.

BTW, I would appreciate it if people could inform the URN WG that there
cannot be a "urn:" prefix -- it is either the scheme or an error, unless
they have somehow discovered the ability to transport back in time.
I still think it is unnecessary, of course, but continuing to waffle
on the issue is pointless.