Re: Vetting rules for UR* schemes
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 23:53:59 +0100

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To: Larry Masinter <>
Subject: Re: Vetting rules for UR* schemes
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Date: Sun, 26 Nov 1995 23:53:59 +0100

Thanks - the relative-URL stuff should be in place by the time you
read this (unless you work Sunday nights....)

I don't know exactly how to phrase the difference between "interactive
URLs" and "noninteractive URLs" (consider chat Web pages!!!), but
I think your general concern is more or less in tune with the "what
operations does this object permit?" question.

I'll try to invent some creative language for encoding rules.
Extensibility - now THERE's a painful subject!
I'll let that one rest for a while, unless you can come up with a
language suggestion, and look at it again in a month or so.

Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas!