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Re: mailserver: vs. expanded mailto: URL

From: Al Gilman <asg@severn.wash.inmet.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 1995 16:53:54 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <9511242153.AA29174@severn.wash.inmet.com>
To: Harald.T.Alvestrand@uninett.no
Cc: uri@bunyip.com
To follow up on what Harald.T.Alvestrand@uninett.no said ...
  Al Gilman:
  > Most of what you have to worry about is mail-client-generic and
  > should be handled by a reference by title to whatever the mail
  > security group tells us.
  Oops - no such group.....I would like to have one, though; DRUMS
  isn't supposed to write very much new prose, so it doesn't cut it.

There are several mailing lists devoted to fighting SPAM and also
lists such as list-managers@greatcircle.com where a lot of the time
is devoted to security issues like SPAM.  I think that if we spread
the word there that we can find the horses to get this done.  I will
spread the word some.

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