Re: mid and cid URLs -- Consensus!

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Wed, 22 Nov 1995 17:02:02 -0500

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Subject: Re: mid and cid URLs -- Consensus! 
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Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 17:02:02 -0500
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In message <>, Al Gilman writes:
>2. I wanted to turn on header encoding in parameters, thus:
>(after the above)
>  *( ; header-name=header-value-phrase )
>  header-name				; per RFC 822
>  header-value-phrase			; per RFC 822 quoted and escaped asreq.
>Is good for legacy multi-mode, multi-server objects like FAQs.

Yeah verily. e.g.

<p>In <a href=";date=Wed,%2022%20Nov%201995%2016:24:08%20EST;;">a previous message</a>, Al Gilman writes:

This would allow folks to apply heuristics like:

	I know an archive for the mailing list
	exists on

Similarly for newsgroup archives, local mail archives, etc.

The date is immensely useful in these situations too (though I wish
it were written in YYYYMMDD format).