Re. URC defns


Just to add a bit of detail re. URAs:

[Dan LaLiberte wrote, in response to Renato Iannella:]

 > > Question - is the URA proposal just another URC?

> I'm fuzzy on this one, but I believe URAs are targeted at a
> representation for code as opposed to metadata.  The initial URA
> proposal was perhaps geared to information discovery.

The URA proposal is meant to outline the specification for objects that will
encapsulate information processes, so that composite net activities can
be delegated to URAs.   So, yes, they are by nature more action/code
oriented than URCs have been.   In terms of relationship to URCs, it
seems likely that the metadata portion of a URA can be spec'ed to be a

I expect the distinction between URAs and URCs will become clearer as
they get put into use.  In the case of URAs, although the first application
we have built using URAs is information discovery, we definitely envision their 
contributing to systems in many other ways.

[Renato Iannella wrote:]

 > Question - we would like to create a URC spec for query-able
 > information sources - should it be a URC or should we define a
 > URQ (that is specific for information sources that provide
 > a query interface - as opposed to a "traditional" URC that seems
 > to favour static documents)

I'm not entirely clear on what you are planning to do with this URC.  I
would imagine it would be appropriate to have a URC that described the
nature (meta-information) of the query-able resource.  However, it would
possibly also be useful to have a URA that contained the necessary
incantations for accessing the resource.  This would, in effect, provide
an API to the resource that was based on the query information, not the
protocol to access the resource.  Or, have I not understood what you 
are planning?



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