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URC defns

From: Renato Iannella <ren@dstc.edu.au>
Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 12:17:30 +1000 (EST)
To: uri@bunyip.com
Message-Id: <Pine.OSF.3.91.950519120240.11013M-100000@foxtail.dstc.edu.au>

Hi, I have been looking at the syntax of URCs and need
to clear up some issues. The only "internet-draft" proposal
I have seen is the "Trivial URC Syntax: urc0" by Hoffman
and Daniel - This proposal seems to return marked-up
URLs for the user/browser to decide which one to access.

Others I have read about include a series of Attributes and values
(some following the Text Encoding Initiative). 

Question - will there be a series of URC syntaxes?
If so, will this be confusing for the browser to decide,
since the URN will point to an unknown number of possible
URC specifications? - Or does the URC identify itself (typeing)
so the the user/browser can then decide to handle it or just 
return the URC spec.

Question - is the URA proposal just another URC?

Question - we would like to create a URC spec for query-able
information sources - should it be a URC or should we define a
URQ (that is specific for information sources that provide
a query interface - as opposed to a "traditional" URC that seems
to favour static documents)

Thanks for your time...

Cheers... Renato
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