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Tue, 09 May 1995 11:45:47 -0400

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Subject: Re: LDAP URL Format 
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> From:    Larry Masinter <>
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> > Folks in the URI WG should be aware that there is another X.500ish I-D that
> > relates to URIs, namely draft-ietf-asid-x500-url-01.txt.
> > Right, this one defines an X.500 attribute type (and associated object
> > class) for holding a URI in an X.500 entry. It also allows a text label,
> > so the URI can be displayed with some chance of knowing what it points to
> > (e.g., "Bob's Home Page" <url>). I'm sure ASID would appreciate any comments
> > you have on this one as well.
> Can you send the mailing address (and mail archive address, if you
> have it) of the ASID working group to the URI working group? I don't
> know them offhand.

As per Larry's request, the address of the asid list is <>
(send to <> to join, of course). There is a
mail archive, located at

  -- Tim