The four recent I-Ds replace the "yaurn" I-D

Greetings. Larry Masinter has pointed out that there is some confusion
about our recent I-Ds and the status of our previous I-D,
"draft-ietf-uri-yaurn-00". We got feedback from folks that they'd rather
see the "draft-ietf-uri-yaurn-00" broken into smaller pieces to make
commenting on it easier. Thus, we split "yaurn" into the four I-Ds we sent
out earlier this week and had the "yaurn" I-D expired early. Before sending
out the four I-Ds, we also made other changes to some of the specifics in
each proposal.

For perspective, the other URN I-Ds that were submitted before Danvers
mostly talked specific URN resolution schemes. Few of the active I-Ds went
into much detail about the overall structure of URN resolution, about
resolution results, or about the syntax of URNs; we thought these were very
important, so we made each of these a separate I-D. The active I-Ds written
by other authors all do talk about specific URN resolution schemes, so we
separated out our own proposal for a resolution scheme, x-dns-2, as its own

--Paul Hoffman
--Ron Daniel

Received on Wednesday, 3 May 1995 17:33:20 UTC