proposed discussion material

Leslie Daigle (
Tue, 14 Mar 95 18:10:37 -0500

Date: Tue, 14 Mar 95 18:10:37 -0500
From: Leslie Daigle <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: proposed discussion material

Well, here's an overview of what we've been doing with URL/URN->  thinking
here at Bunyip.  I hope to have a document together by the end of this
week or early next week at the latest.

In the course of putting together various tools for Internet resource
discovery, we kept bumping up against the need to be able to specify Internet 
actions composed of several URL/URN instantiations.    This seems useful
from the standpoint of encapsulating particular activities for reuse, as 
well as providing mechanisms for insulating protocol details from people
who really don't want to know about them (i.e., above and beyond pointing
and clicking in a WWW browser).  One very specific application of such a
specification is Internet resource searching.  For example, if I'm a net
hacker who knows where all the cool music software indexes are (in all
the glorious (and not so glorious) protocols/formats of the Internet) 
I might like to  be able to encapsulate this for my own later use, or to pass 
along to someone who is less net-literate.

What we would like to talk about at the IETF URI meeting is a proposal for an
object architecture for encapsulating the necessary information to accomplish 
this.  The document I'm trying to put together will discuss a proposed 
architecture for these objects and their envisioned use.  We are working on an 
application that uses scripts built on these principles, and can make some 
suggestions for potential implementation considerations.



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