Re: Stockholm Metadata BOF

note that metadata is probably extremely important.
BUT - whenever an IETF working group has tried to address an area where
there are "serious issues ... of ... research/architecture", it has tended
to bog down rather severely.

Bogged-down WGs tend to not only not get their work done, but to actually
hamper other progress in related fields, because other groups tend to assume
that problems on the other WG's charter will be solved in reasonable time,
and sometimes they are very wrong.

If I'm still conscious, I would enjoy meeting you all in the bar some time
during IETF week to talk about what issues would be possible to solve
in a reasonably straightforward manner.

      Harald A (looking forward to a *very* busy IETF week)

Received on Wednesday, 28 June 1995 03:41:49 UTC