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> Subject: RE: Intelligent Rating Systems
>    Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 22:01:13 -0700 (PDT)
>    From: Michael Dillon <>
>    This is precisely why I am proposing that ratings be served up by a third 
>    party, i.e. not the WWW author nor the WWW server operator. Any third 
>    party who wishes can set up a ratings server and serve up ratings. In 
> I might be reading it all wrong, but this looks like a scheme which
> would entail an awful lot of overhead.  Are you suggesting a scheme
> where a client would be required to do two retrievals for every
> document or object retrieved (one to an independent rating server and
> a second one for the document)?  This also suggests that, as is the
> case with commerce protocols like iKP and its ilk, we'd need a new and
> distinct "content-rating" protocol.

If URCs are used for this, there are two accesses - the first to the
rating server to get rating and location info, the second to get the
resource if the rating checks out. Since we are trying to get a level
of indirection into the Web so that resources can easily migrate and
replicate, doing the rating imposes no extra round-trips. Also,
no particular rating-specific protocol is needed, the draft URC
spec uses HTTP. There may need to be particular Internet Media
Types so that particular rating syntaxes can be easily parsed, but
that is between the ratings server and its clients.

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