Re: date in URN

Peter Deutsch wrote:

> What we're currently doing in Silk for our headlines (the
> URN-like results lists generated by URAs) is to have an
> internal structure which contains a human readible string
> (generated by the URA using a variety of techniques,
> including filtering HTML for HREFs, etc) and an
> accompanying URL. In addition, we've also added a
> placeholder for IETF URNs which will be filled in by any
> URN supplied by the net, once they start to arrive.

This description makes a headline sound like a member of the URC
class.  Is this the case?  If so, could you expand on how exactly
they differ?

> Comparison (remember comparison?  Some of us still think
> that being able to compare URNs is going to be vital) will
> be done on that URN, not the displayable string, but
> allowing both lets us maintain a usable human interface.

Sounds like comparison should be possible in a variety of ways.  Don't
insist on something that's more restrictive than you need.

Regards, Mark.

PS Due to some mailer-machinations somewhere, a message I sent
yesterday to the list in response to Ron Daniel's comments on my "A
Note on URC Querying" was badly mangled if the copy that I received
was anything to go by.  If anyone is interested and missed it as a
result, please contact me and I will send it directly to you in the
interests of bandwidth conservation.
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