Re: IETF Meeting Agenda

[Larry Masinter asked:]

> Before submitting an agenda, are there any other topics that we should
> cover? 

I would like 5-10 minutes to present the URI tool that we are about to
release.  The relevance to this group is the fact that it is a first 
application that uses URLs, URCs, URAs, and has a placeholder where URNs will 
be used (as soon as an implementation has been nailed down).

Basically, I can stand up and show screen shots of this existing application
that demonstrates URIs in action.  I know that working with this tool
has helped focus our thoughts on URIs and how they are used in practice, 
I expect it would be generally useful to the working group to have 
a concrete example of something that is using, today, more than just URLs.

A demo will also be available for use in the terminal rooms; as well, we 
expect to have released it to the net before the IETF actually begins.

This is a refinement of my earlier request for time to talk about URAs.
People's reaction to that request, as well as our experience in demonstrating
the alpha version of the client, suggest that it's something that you really
do have to see to understand why URAs are not just tarted up URLs.



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