Re: Question for DNS propronents?

>This is what I wanted to hear. So I you suggest I create a new hierarchy
>if current names don't mach. Therefore you are allowing for a new
>namespace, correct?

If you mean that we're not insisting on a specifc namespace within the DNS,
that is absolutely correct. Your x-dns-2 URN resolver can be at
"" or "" or "" or
"". The "urn" part of the domain name was following the
(possibly misguided) current habit of Internet sites to create a name that
matches the function of a host, even if that name points to the same host
as something else. We did not put any domain naming restrictions in the
x-dns-2 draft, and we certainly didn't mean to imply any.

Further, I expect that there may be companies that let you create a domain
name based on their "base name" and will provide you with DNS resolution
service. For example, if you can't get your sysop to run a URN resolver,
but you think she/he will in the future, you might go to URNsRUs. They'll
set up the domain name "" and have it point to
their resolver. Later, when your sysop comes to her/his senses, you pay the
folks at URNsRUs a small amount of money and they change where
"" points to, namely to your own host.

--Paul Hoffman
--Proper Publishing

Received on Thursday, 15 June 1995 13:11:14 UTC