ISO Object Identifiers

Since these play a part in some URN proposals, I thought this
announcement would be useful to this list, too...

Subject: Object identifier info with registration form
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Date:	Thu, 15 Jun 1995 06:24:13 -0700

Hi folks,
I mail this to some lists known to have large and sometimes troublesome
relationships with ISO Object Identifiers.

I've made a Web page,, which
jots down a few of the things I know about OIDs.
It also contains an experimental ENTRY FORM, which may be used to enter
the information YOU know about OIDs:

So far, there is little syntax checking, no access control, and no
integration; this will change over time as people enter information here.

The proximate cause of my writing the form was that I suddenly got a
message telling me what the Microsoft OID for excel spreadsheets is,
and realized that I wouldn't be patient enough to type all that info
into the Web pages by hand.

Have fun with it - once I've got some OIDs in there, I'll think about
how to tie them all together!

Followup to this message is set to myself; I don't know what list is
appropriate, but it's surely off the main topic for all of the ones


              Harald A

Received on Thursday, 15 June 1995 10:42:41 UTC